How to Hack Facebook (100% working)

hacking fb

People share their every important information like birthday, their address, phone numbers, their family members information even they share information about where are they going for holiday but they are unaware that how these information can be used to get into their privacy or simply anyone can use these information against them. So we will basically see How to Hack Facebook in detail.

As facebook is a very big and profitable company so they will not easily let you hack them. But no problem still we have ways to hack someone’s facebook as people are always vulnerable.

so here we will see some techniques to hack anyone’s facebook without any high level knowledge. But learn these to protect yourself but not to harm anyone. As hacking someone’s facebook is not legal without his/her permissions. Especially not try on your girlfriend or boyfriend.

So as you are aware enough we should start our tutorial.

Method 1:)

Social engineering: Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up their confidential information and generally these attacks are performed by sending malicious links to our targets and convince them to open our page where they can be tricked to give their password.

We can make fake facebook pages with some social engineering tools and send link to victim and as victim open our link and write their username and password we get their credentials. These attacks mainly depends on your capability to convince people to trust you and open your link.

we will further see whole procedure to do this.

Method 2:)

Man in the middle attack: for this attack we have to be in the same network with target where same network generally means to be connected with same router. In this attack we simply spoof our mac address to be like router for attacker’s data and obtain target mac address for router’s data, so that the whole data pass through us and we can see the information being send to target by router and reverse.

In this attack as target open facebook we can redirect him to open our malicious facebook page and as he put his credentials we get them. we will see this method in our coming blog, In this our main focus will be on social engineering attacks.

Method 3:)

Keylogger: You can simply hack someone’s pc and start a keylogger that will gather every key pressed by the target and when the user try to open his facebook you will get his password and user id. However this will not work everytime but yes most of the time it is a good option. This is also a simple method if you hack someones pc. For pc hacking you can go to our how to hack windows section. After hacking target’s pc it is as simple as just writing a command to start keylogger.

As many of the user still uses windows this method will work for you. You can also use a hardware keylogger which will automatically collects all keystrokes pressed in targets pc once connected to their pc. For connecting also you will need to have physical connection with target’s pc. Social engineering will again help you here.

Method 4:)

Reset the password: The easiest way to “hack” into someone’s Facebook is through resetting the password. This could be easily done by people who are friends with the person they’re trying to hack.

-the first step is to get your friends email id. you can easily get from his facebook profile. Proffesional Hackers use scraping tools like TheHarvester to mine for email addresses.

-next, click on forgotten your password?and type the victim’s email. their account should come up. click This is my account.

-It will ask if you would like to reset the password via the victim’s emails. This doesn’t help, so press No longer have access to these?

-It will now ask How can we reach you? Type in an email that you have that also isn’t linked to any other Facebook account.

-It will now ask you a question. suppose you’re close friend with the victim, that’s great. If you don’t know too much about them, make an educated guess. If you figure it out, you can change the password. Now you have to wait 24 hours to login to their account.

-If you don’t figure out the question, you can click on Recover your account with help from friends. This allows you to choose between three and five friends.

-It will send them passwords, which you may ask them for, and then type into the next page. You can either create three to five fake Facebook accounts and add your friend (especially if they just add anyone), or you can choose three to five close friends of yours that would be willing to give you the password.

Social Engineering

This is the main method we are going to use in this section. These attacks are generally called as phishing as we try to catch information from target just as a fisherman try to catch a fish. We are going to perform attacks through kali linux as it is one of the best os for hacking. If you had not installed kali linux yet you can read our how to install kali linux section.

Way 1:)

Shellphish: This is a great tool as it will create a fake facebook page for you in which as a target log in you will get his credentials .you can download it simply from github by typing Shellphish github and then open the shellphish page in your browser and then copy the url and then open your terminal and type git clone <url>.git. Github is an open source environment where developers publish their work and anyone can contibute to that by making some changes and is free to download.

Apart from facebook it can also produce pages for netflix, instagram, github and many more as you can see from the picture below. Firstly we open the tool as shown in picture and follow all the steps.

After choosing a port forwarding method you have to choose any port through which you will make connections. Generally try to use a port which is not very common to use. After this you will get a link which you can send to victim.

After getting the link as shown above you can now shorten it will by which your link looks more legitimate and now you can send your link to target and wait for him to open your link and login. You will get all credentials in your terminal only as shown in picture.

So actually this is a great tool but all depends on your way of social engineering. For ex- you can send this link to your friend saying him that like this picture of my friend by clicking on the link as a college competition is going on which will select winner by checking number of likes in photo. In similar way you can use any technique depending on the target as we have to make story according to our target. You can also send email with your link attached.

Way 2:)

SocialFish: This is a great tool for hacking facebook ( also other accounts like instagram) and you can download it from github by typing SocialFish github and then copying the url, and basically follow the whole steps as taught above. This is similar to shellphish as it creates pages similar to it, so you can try both of these and then choose according to your convenience. So simply copy the github url in your terminal and after installation is complete, open the tool as shown in picture.

In above picture in place of name and password you have to give a name and password for you account.

So basically you have to choose a username and password and after that you will be given a link which you can open in your browser and “yes!” you are inside your SocialFish page. Here you can put any website link you want to copy and in redirect portion you have to put the link of the website you want your target to be redirected after he/she log in.

So you will be given a link and after that you can follow similar ways as in above attack.

How to Be Safe

  • Never open any suspicious link even send by your close one’s, if link seems to be legitimate then only opens it.
  • you can run arp -a to check whether someone is running man in the middle attack, if two devices have same mac address then there something is suspicious.
  • Always use two-factor authentication, so that even someone have your password he can’t log in to your account. you can bypass two-factor authentication also but that not work always. I will teach you to bypass it in further blogs.




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