Add Feature Heavy Bluetooth to Your Car

Sure there are cheaper Bluetooth dongles that do similar things. But the Moto Stream does this with the added benefit of NFC to connect and allowing up to 5 devices to connect at the same time. Which makes for very fun (or annoying) road trips. It also works with iOS devices, android, Chromebooks, PC's and Mac's. So its universal.Things you'll need
1. A Moto stream
2. An Auxiliary cord input
3. A car ( presumably)
Once you've got those items, just plug the Moto Stream into the auxiliary cord, and into the power. Then bam, all ready to party! Like I said, there are definitely cheaper ways to do similar things, but this way is much more feature heavy than the basic Bluetooth dongle. As an added bonus, the device stays connected up to 300 feet, and is really well built. Definitely worth the price in my opinion.
Moto Stream:


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