Scammer Cracks Your Facebook Account, Live Chats With Your Friends That You're Mugged In London And Need Cash

 They have a little fun with the scammer by asking them why they slept with their stepfather in high school.

A Consumerist tipster writes, "Her husband had just flown in after being out of town for while so Candace called to confirm. Once we knew things were off we enjoyed messing with the scammer."

Veronica: Hey

Candace: hola mi amiga!

Veronica: hola, am not good at all

Candace: what's up?

Veronica: am stuck in london; got mugged at the gun point last night... Read More

Candace: Oh no! Veronica!!!!; Are you okay? Are you hurt?

Veronica: all cash credit card phone got stolen away from me; yes am hurt

Candace: Do you need help?

Veronica: my flight will be leaving in few hours; yes

Candace: do you have your passport?

Veronica: wondering if you could loan me some cash; yes; thank god that i still have my passport with me

Candace: I didn't even know you went to London - what are you doing there?

Veronica: for vacation; please i need your hlep; when i get back home today am going to refund back your money to you

Candace: Well, have you contacted Melinda?

Veronica: i said all my stuff got stolen away; i have nothing left with me

Candace: She is in London right now filming the gigantic Mooseknuckle.

Veronica: but only my passport

Candace: If you contact the consulate they can get you her number.

Veronica: yes; i have already go to the police for report; but they told me to come back in two weeks; that all we be done by then; but i have no time for that; what i need now is cash

Candace: Hang on let me find her number. Where are you at now?; How would I get the money to you?

Veronica: yes; u can get the money to me via western union money transfer and send the money to my name Country
: United Kingdom; that all the info u need to get me the money; okay

Candace: Have you tried calling your Husband Jeff?

Veronica: yes; hello

Candace: What did he say?

Veronica: i tried but now am confuse; the phone was not going through

Candace: Are you at a coffee shop? How are you online?

Veronica: please i need an instant insistance; am in the local library; listen

Candace: How much do you need?

Veronica: can you go now and make the payment in western union outlet or office
?; i need 780; or u want to make it online payment here is the site; ok\?

Candace: Hold on, I have got ahold of Jason. He is touring with the Manhandlers and is in London. Which Library are you at. He will drive and pick you up.

Veronica: am at combri local library; i need the cash to get my hotel bill paid and get on a plane back home; let me know are you paying the money online or outlet or or office;

Candace: Don't worry about the hotel as they will have a credit card on file and can charge it.; Hold on, looking for my wallet.

Veronica: ok

Candace: I found my wallet. Jason is looking up the address of the library. Going to western union site now.; I don't need anything other than your name?

Veronica: ok; yes; use my name to send it; are u on the page western union

Candace: will you need Jason to take you to a western union office?; yes, give me a few minutes. I have never sent money before; You know I am helping you and you have still never apologized for sleeping with my stepfather in high school.

Veronica: am sorry; just help me out

Candace: I am almost done with sending the money. I will help you but I want to know why you did it.

Veronica: please; are you making the payment online or you going to outlet out there
?; how much did you send

Candace: I am ready to submit but I need to know why you slept with my stepfather.; I am going to send a 1000 in case you need something extra

Veronica: ok; thanks

Candace: tell me why

Veronica: what is the control number

Candace: I won't send it till you tell me why. It has bothered me for 30 years.

Veronica: he said to me that he love me that is why; and i wont lie to you i love him also; please when i get home we can talk more better; send me the control number and text q and answer
:; so that i can pickup the money

Candace: ok

Candace: It had an error. I am sending my husband to the western union office. He will call once it goes through

Veronica: ok; like how many minute
i my going to get the money pickup

Candace: 10 minutes

Veronica: ok; am waiting..

Candace: He is there, will be soon. when is your flight?

Veronica: 7; 7pm

Veronica: done?

Candace: western union is warning him about fraud. How can I know this is you. What is the address of the Combri library?

Veronica: let me ask the address

Candace: Hello?

While the "Mugged in London, please wire cash" scam is not new, it evolving to cracked Facebook accounts where the rip-off artists try to to extract cash from the friends list via live chat is a more recent, and potentially more insidious occurrence. We've become mostly inured to scam "help help" emails, even when they're sent from our friend's email accounts, but I could see people trusting a live chat from their friend more and getting taken in by this con.

If you this see happen, report it to Facebook immediately. They will lock the account down and force a password reset.


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