iPhone Tracker Maps, Everywhere You've Been With Your iPhone

Oxford to Cambridge and then London from Alasdair Allan on Vimeo.

This video from lifehacker.com is a great example and demonstration of the iPhone Tracker Maps. I am sure many of you iPhone owners will enjoy this one.

Kevin Purdy-The application, made to prove a point of sorts, looks into the automatic backups your device makes every time it's connected to iTunes, then pulls out a lifelong list of your locations, timestamps included. No special tricks are needed, and the data is easy to get to, unless you choose to encrypt your device backups. iPhoneTracker then formats all the data for visualization on a map, which provides a pretty neat look at everywhere you've been.
The data comes from cellular tower triangulation, regardless of whether you have GPS turned on, and whether you've allowed other applications to have access to your location. That's the main concern: very specific location data, collected without asking, available to any person (or app) that knows where to look. But if you're less concerned about Apple's intentions in collecting this data, you might simply share a map of your lifelong history location, or simply start encrypting your backups—your call.


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