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How To Identify Spoofed Calls and Text Messages

by|Jan 21, 2020|Spoofed Call|0 commentsIs There a Way to Identify a Spoofed Caller’s Identity?Visit our case studies page to get an idea as to how Rexxfield can help you positively identify the individuals behind harassing, anonymous, online or, mobile phone spoofed calls or email messages.What is a Spoofed Call?Spoofing is when a scammer deliberately changes the information sent to your Caller ID screen to camouflage their true identity. Scammers commonly use “next-door neighbor spoofing”, so it indicates that an inbound phone call is coming from a local or regional number, or they spoof a number from a firm or a federal government agency that you may already recognize and trust. If you fall for it, they use scripted scam pretexts to try and convince you to give bank account, credit card, PayPal, or other valuable personal details, which can be made use of in fraudulent activity. How to uncover a spoofed numberTo find out if a number is spoofed, you can search the rever…