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Pay What You Want For 90+ Hours of Hands-On Coding Training

Are you ready to learn how to code? For a limited time, Lifehacker readers can “pay what you want” for lifetime access to 90+ hours of hands-on training in HTML, Python, Ruby, Linux, and more, valued at over $1,500. Pay any amount for two courses, or beat the average price (currently under $16) to get the entire bundle. Here’s what’s included:AngularJS: From Zero to Hero ($299 value)Become a Professional Python Programmer ($199)Build Responsive Real World Sites with HTML5 & CSS3 ($199)Become a Certified Web Developer ($199)Learn Linux in 5 Days & Level Up Your Career ($199)PHP & MySQL Web Development From Scratch - Build 5 Projects ($149)Advanced Ruby Programming: 10 Steps to Mastery ($99)Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-By-Step Guide ($99)Learn Cloud Computing with AWS ($99) This comprehensive bundle covers all the most essential coding languages and frameworks, and will get you fully up to speed on the latest techniques and best practices. After completing this bundle,…


What’s more impressive, the fact that this Wolfenstein-like game is 600 lines of code, or that it’s written in AWK? AWK is a language primarily used for text processing. But if you can write code the world bows to your wishes. [Fedor Kalugin] leverages the ability of a Linux terminal’s color options to draw his game. The 3D aspect is produced through ray-casting which generates a 2D image from 3D coordinates. Trying out the game is extremely simple, install gawk, clone the repo, and play: sudo apt-get install gawk git clone cd awk-raycaster/ gawk -f awkaster.awk We really appreciate the four different display modes which illustrate doing a lot with very little. They include: black and white text, color text, color background, and combination of color text and background. It’s an advanced texture technique with which every ansi artist is familiar. Don’t limit yourself to playing with the script and losing interest. Crack that thing open. Tr…