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Five Best Outdoor Speakers

Five Best Outdoor Speakers
Warm weather means it’s a great time to get outside, fire up the grill, have friends over, and maybe listen to some music while everyone hangs out outside. To do that though, you’ll need some solid outdoor, weather-resistant speakers.
Five Best Outdoor Speakers
Tic’s GS3 Pro Outdoor Omni Speakers won’t win any beauty contests—in fact they’re essentially large green upside-down cups that you bury half-into the ground (or leave above ground, whichever you prefer!), wire up to a sound system (using weather-friendly wiring and wire sheathing of course), and leave alone. They sound great and are weatherproof, meaning you don’t have to pull them up out of the ground when the winter sets in or they’re covered in snow, and you don’t have to care if the spring rain keeps them wet. They offer full 360-degree sound, so you don’t need to position them in any particular direction. The green is actually on purpose—aside from blending in nicely with shrubbery or other garden periphery, they’re designed to be low-profile and offer great, all-direction sound in your yard or garden without being obvious about where that sound is coming from. There are varying models available depending on the size and the power of the speakers you want, but these particular ones will set you back $80 each at Amazon.

JBL Control 25

Five Best Outdoor Speakers
If you’re looking for a pair of speakers that’ll survive the elements but still look good mounted in your backyard or on the side of your home, JBL’s Control 25 series will do the trick. They’re directional, so you’ll need more than one, but they come in pairs, come with mounting hardware, and sound great once they’re connected to a music source. These are also wired speakers, so you’ll need to run speaker cable to them from another audio source—and make sure they’re connected via weatherproof cables and connectors. They come in black and white, sound great, and aren’t so obtrusive that they look awkward either mounted on a wall or on small stands in your backyard or on the back of your home. They’ll set you back $270 for a pair at Amazon.

Yamaha NS-AW350W High Performance Outdoor 2-Way Speakers

Five Best Outdoor Speakers
Yamaha’s NS-AW350 outdoor speakers are designed to be all-weather, space-saving, wall or fence-mounted, and powerful enough to sound out a small outdoor space well. It’s a bookshelf-style speaker, and includes the mounting hardware required to attach it to a wall or any other fixture. They’re wired speakers, so the standard warnings apply there, and while they’re not the most powerful speakers in the roundup, they are capable of projecting great sound, are made to handle all sorts of weather, and are rugged enough to handle occasional wind and rain, heat, and extreme cold. Yamaha does suggest you bring them in during the worst of the cold weather months, and that they shouldn’t be exposed to constant bad weather (eg, the deck of a boat or anything), but for most people, mounting them under an overhang or on a patio should be just fine. A pair of them will set you back$95 for a pair at Amazon.

Polk Atrium4

Five Best Outdoor Speakers
Polk’s Atrium4 indoor/outdoor speakers are a good-looking, weather-resistant, and great-sounding pair that are built rugged to survive life outside in all seasons. They’re built to exceed MIL-STD-810 ruggedness standards, which means they can put up with reasonable punishment all-year round. The Atrium4s include their mounting hardware, which is designed to be easy to mount and dismount with one hand, in case you want to take the speakers somewhere else. The brackets and grille are both aluminum, and designed to resist wear and never rust, and have stainless steel and brass hardware. They’re available in white or black, are wired, and like with many of the others here, you’ll need to bring your own amp to the party—a party that should be able to stretch to the back of your yard or garden thanks to how loud these speakers can get without sounding distorted and muffled. You can pick up a pair for $100 from Amazon.

Klipsch AW-500 Outdoor Speakers

Five Best Outdoor Speakers
Klipsch’s AW-500 outdoor speakers have technically been discontinued, but that doesn’t mean they’re not widely available, and they’re not an excellent option if you need speakers that can sound out your backyard when you have a large gathering, or play some quiet tunes in the background when you have a small one. They’re built rugged, and have their mounting bracket attached to the back of the speaker so they’re easy to install or remove and move inside if you’d like, and have a built-in recession to connect your speaker cables so they aren’t exposed to the elements. Their sealed ABS enclosure isn’t as shiny or premier-looking as other models, but they’ll stand up to year-round, all-weather punishment mounted to the side of your house or on any other fixture in your yard or garden, and they’ll sound great all year long. They’re also some of the most powerful in the roundup, and use binding posts for secure audio connections. You can snag a pair at Amazon for $280.


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