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How To: Some Basic (And Not-So-Basic) Photo Management

I recently consolidated and organized my photo library. At the start of the project, I had 13,000 photos dispersed between a number of locations: DVDs, an external drive, an android phone (and Google plus/android instant backup), a Macbook Air, a Windows desktop's hard drive, another internal hard drive, and Dropbox. It was what anyone would call a "cluster." Also, it was more than a little daunting since photos were duplicated across several locations with various names, states of Exif data (present, corrupted, or not present). This is the evolving story of how I got it together and my plan on keeping it from becoming another cluster in the future. *Edit: I'm afraid I've buried the lede with this How-To. For the really good stuff, head down to step 5. Goal Oriented Setup: What We're Shooting For A naming and filing convention that makes sense. If you sort the files, they maintain their order chronologically. Also, it must be something that is easily maintainab…

Add Feature Heavy Bluetooth to Your Car

Sure there are cheaper Bluetooth dongles that do similar things. But the Moto Stream does this with the added benefit of NFC to connect and allowing up to 5 devices to connect at the same time. Which makes for very fun (or annoying) road trips. It also works with iOS devices, android, Chromebooks, PC's and Mac's. So its universal.Things you'll need
1. A Moto stream 2. An Auxiliary cord input 3. A car ( presumably) Once you've got those items, just plug the Moto Stream into the auxiliary cord, and into the power. Then bam, all ready to party! Like I said, there are definitely cheaper ways to do similar things, but this way is much more feature heavy than the basic Bluetooth dongle. As an added bonus, the device stays connected up to 300 feet, and is really well built. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. Moto Stream:

Using Google Now for Reminders

With Google I/O's many announcements came a long awaited feature. Reminders. For the longest time Google Now only allowed reminders in a rudimentary way, through the alarm app. That's all. But now it's much more in depth and, well, all around cool! Plus, device sync, so if you make a reminder on your Nexus 7, it'll also pop up on your cell phone. Let's take a look.First off you have to know how to create a reminder. This is simple, use the mic button in Google Now or your desktop widget and say remind me to (whatever it is) Or you can simply press the Google Now menu button and select set reminder. You could also say add reminder then input the info manually. I'll mention this again, but let's look at specific reminders. EXPAND EXPAND There are 2 forms of the basic reminder. 1. Time and date based reminders. Like at 4 am tomorrow I need to pet my dog. 2. Location based reminders. So when I get to HEB (my local supermarket) I need to be reminded to grab milk. …