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Upgrading and Electronic Hacking for Your Video Game Console

Turning your video game console into a home media center powerhouse would be amazing right? The folks on posted a great article on just that, so we decided to share that with our readers. We hope you enjoy this as much as us.
The Complete Guide to Turning Your Video Game Console Into a Living Room Media CenterThorin Klosowski
Your video game console is great for playing games, but you might not realize it's also one of the best media centers around. Here's how to set up all of the modern consoles so you can stream videos and music to them right from your computer. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 both have media center capabilities built right in, so they're easy to set up. The Wii (and Wii U) don't have as much built-in, but have workarounds that can turn them into media boxes as well. In this post, we'll break down how to set up each console, as well as the best practices for getting the best quality out of your stream. What You'll Need For the Xbox an…

7+ Taskbar Tweaker Adds Tons of Extra Taskbar Settings to Windows 7 and 8

Whitson Gordon Windows: Ever wish you could tweak the taskbar's shortcuts, or add other features Microsoft forgot about? 7+ Taskbar Tweaker adds a ton of extra settings and shortcuts to the Windows taskbar, and it works in Windows 7 and 8. We highlighted this program back when it was called 7 Taskbar Tweaker and only had a few options, but since then it's grown into something much more. Not only is it compatible with Windows 8 (hence the name change), but it has a ton of new options. In the program, you have the ability to: Bring up the standard window menu instead of a jump list when you right-click on an iconMiddle-click an icon to switch to it, minimize it, or close itShow a list, tooltip, or nothing when you hover over a buttonReorder thumbnails in the preview that pops upChange how taskbar icons group togetherUse the mouse wheel to cycle between buttonsMuch, much more You can install the program on your system or, if you're a fan of portable apps, use the installer to …

Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking

Whitson Gordon
Rule #1 of DIY: Never settle for what you're given. You can upgrade and improve just about anything with a little knowledge and elbow grease, especially if you know a little about electronics. Here are 10 things in your home that you can beef up with a little soldering and DIY know-how. 10. Your TV You may have the coolest home theater on the block, but even that won't save you when your TV rebels with the latest celebrity gossip you don't want to hear. Take control of your TV with the Enough Already, a little DIY gadget that mutes your TV whenever it hears a word or phrase you've programmed it to watch out for—like "Justin Beiber" or "Twilight Saga." While you're at it, you can use an Arduino to automatically lower the volume if it gets above a certain threshold, like when excessively loud commercials come on.

9. Your Home SecurityIt may not be as foolproof as a true home security system, but you can make quite a few DIY burglar …