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Browser Speed Tests Mac Edition

Fastest Internet Browser Speed Tests, Mac only: Opera 12.02, Safari 6, Chrome 22, and Firefox 15From and their brilliant team, this article reviews all the newest, most popular Mac Browsers. 
Now that Mountain Lion's out with a shiny new version of Safari 6, we thought it time to revisit our browser speed tests. As always, we're pitting the four most popular browsers—this time, on a Mac—against one another in a battle of startup speed, tab loading prowess, and lots more. We've been testing browsers for awhile, and we've refined our method pretty well. It's a good mix of both manually timed user experience measures and hardcore JavaScript and CSS benchmarks, plus some new tests aimed at features like Chrome's prerendering or Firefox's on demand tab loading can really do. All tests this time around take place on a MacBook Air using a built-in SSD (which is why startup times were so quick). Since it's on a completely different machine and we…