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Get Netflix On Your Unsupported Android Device With A Modded Netflix

Netflix is finally available on Android but does not support all Android devices. Here we will show you how to download a version of Netflix that will work with most Android phones. There is no rooting required as mentioned in the last Netflix and Android post, it is much easier without hacking your device.

Now it is time to visit the XDA thread, which the link is below, to download the files. Before installing, you'll need to check the "Unknown Sources" box in Settings > Applications. The netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk file should work on many devices, but if that version of the app crashes, the netflix-mod-2.apk version might get it working. You'll need an account at XDA Developers to download them, but it only takes a minute to sign up, and its a great resource for Android tips and non-Market apps, so we highly recommend it anyway.

Official Netflix 

XDA Developers Forums via XDA Developers

Buy Gift Cards At Steep Discount Or Sell Unwanted Gift Cards For Cash

Have you ever received a gift card that you will never use? Well look no longer, Plastic Jungle buys gift cards up to 92% of the original price of the card. On the other hand if you want to purchase gift cards at a steep discount up to 35% off, Plastic Jungle offers them for sale as well. The buy back and discounted cards all depend on the store and need. Follow the link below to check out Plastic Jungle.

Plastic Jungle

Use Netflix On Almost Any Android Device

Netflix is a must for many of us these days and yesterdays release of the Netflix Android application was much anticipated by many people, but unfortunately not all devices are supported. Here we will show you how to install Netflix on most all Android phones.

If you're one of the unlucky users that doesn't have their device supported by Netflix yet, you can still grab the APK file over at XDA Developers (you'll need an account, but it's well worth it). Make sure you have the "Unknown Sources" box checked in Settings > Applications on your phone, then transfer the APK file to your phone and tap it to install the app. It may work out of the box on some phones, but other phones may have issues. If that's the case, you'll need to do a little more work—including rooting your phone—to get Netflix up and running.
Now if you have rooted your phone and it doesn't support Netflix out of the box, you can still get it working with a few tweaks. I …

Google Music Streams ALL Your Music From the Cloud

Google Music

It's pretty much the music service you would expect from Google: Streaming all your songs from the cloud, once you've uploaded your own music, and a bit of offline caching.
How do you use it? You use Google's Music Manager on your desktop to add your songs to the service. It adds play counts and ratings as well. It's a "full featured music manager", so you can search and do all the other things you could in iTunes and Windows Media Player.
When you make a playlist, it becomes ready on all your devices: Phone, tablet and computer. It also has the equivalent of Apple's Genius Mixes called Instant Mix. It works essentially the same way, and makes a playlist out of one input song.
OfflineBut you don't always have an internet connection, or a good enough one to stream music. So you can either select certain music to cache on your device, and the service automatically caches your recently listened-to music as well.
Google Music l…

What Professional Password Guessers Look for in Your Password

We're not too sure if everyone knows this but it's critical to use only strong passwords. On average most people use the same patterns when choosing their passwords, like having the number 1 at the end, making these easier for hackers to crack.
Security expert Roger Grimes writes at InfoWorld how easily passwords can be guessed and says that these days passwords need to be longer than the mere six-to-eight characters typically used. The average password guesser can determine portions of a large majority of users' passwords:
Most professional password guessers know there is a 50 percent chance that a user's password will contain one or more vowels. If it contains a number, it will usually be a 1 or a 2, and it will be at the end. If it contains a capital letter, it will be at the beginning, followed by a vowel. The average person has a working vocabulary of 50,000 to 150,000 words, and they are likely to be used in the password. Women are famous for using p…

Why Meditation Relieves Chronic Pain and Stress

We've seen before that meditation can build up our brains and guard against information overload. Now new research shows how meditation works on our brains to help us focus more and possibly relieve chronic pain.
MIT and Harvard neuroscientists found that people trained to meditate are better able to control "alpha rhythms" brain waves, thought to be responsible for minimizing distractions. After learning how to meditate, research participants' alpha waves were significantly amplified when focusing on specific body parts.
The findings suggest that those who suffer chronic pain—including stress—may benefit from meditation because of an increased ability to "turn down the volume on pain signals." If you have chronic pain or stress, mindfulness-based stress reduction or meditation may help you ease that pain. (For a quick jump start into meditating, see the's  layman's guide to meditation.)

Texas Refuses To Pay Wrongfully Convicted Man, Garnishes His Wages Instead

Under Texas law, wrongfully convicted criminals are entitled to $80,000 for each year of mistaken incarceration. But a man who was locked away for 18 years after he was convicted of capital murder, and was released when a state court dropped the charges, is being stiffed.
A Dallas Morning News editorial reports the state added injury to insult by seizing a $250 check owed to him to make up for unpaid child support from 1998 to 2002 — a period in which he was behind bars.
The story reports the reason the state Comptroller denied the man's wrongful conviction payment is because the court didn't use the words "actual innocence" in its conviction order. The editorial concludes the state owes the man more than $1.4 million — which he's suing to collect — and that he owes more than $5,000 in back child support for his now grown children.

Editorial: Graves should not have to accept an IOU on justice [Dallas Morning News via Fark]

Turn Your Computer Into A Remote Access Media Center

If you are like me, I spend most my free time at my desk and on the computer. When I leave my desk I get frustrated when I don't have access to files on my home computer. I found an article that goes into detail of how to turn your computer into a remote access media center. Being able to share files with others, stream music and video, access files as well as share them, is a life saver.